About Apm Fashion

My name is Paul, and today I'm the proud owner of APM Fashion. However, a few years ago I was stuck behind a desk in a dull corporate job, filling in spreadsheets and watching the clock. Eventually I decided something needed to change and decided to take the plunge into self-employment!.

I have always loved travelling and the ability to take more holidays was a real motivator - it's not easy to get time off work when you're employed in the corporate world!

With my interest in technology and retail, I was drawn to creating an e-commerce website that would help people to enjoy finding new products online. My wife Agnes supported my dream and together we discovered a gap in the market for a good online hosiery reseller, retailing high-quality products to women and men of all shapes and sizes.

We've travelled a long way since then - literally and metaphorically - developing our store and building a business with a loyal customer base. Our online boutique selects the best hosiery products and works with trusted suppliers to sell quality, comfortable and fashionable tights at affordable prices. We quality-check every product line ourself so that we have complete confidence in what we sell and we have developed realistic size charts to help customers select the right sizes for their needs.

We are passionate about helping our customers to find the hosiery products that they love - whether they want funky high-fashion tights for a night on the town or classic and stylish pantyhose for the office.


Thank you for shopping at APM Fashion!!

Paul and Agnes