Toeless Tights, Hold-Ups & Socks – 7 Pairs for Spring 2018

Stuck trying to decide whether the weather is warm enough to dig your sandals out of the wardrobe, or still a bit too cold to go bare-legged? There’s no need to pick one or the other – say hello to toeless tights! Open-toe tights let you experience all the benefits of hosiery, without a visible […]

Stockings – What’s hot and what’s not

Mixing up your style with a pair of stockings can result in everything from an outrageous outfit to a clothes combo so cute you’ll leave your date’s jaw on the floor. It’s all about learning to coordinate your wardrobe like a pro. Below are our lists of stockings dos and don’ts, so you can feel […]

Glam up your look with diamond patterned tights

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamond designed tights can be the perfect friend to your favourite outfit. With the growing number of diamond tights available you can extend the glamorous look right down to your toes. There’s a pair of diamond patterned tights that’s right for every outfit with a huge choice […]

Top tips for wearing tights

Deciding on the right pair of tights each day can depend upon the rest your outfit, how you’re feeling, the weather outside and if you’re going to work, an event or for a sensual dinner with your significant other. The options can also seem endless, do you go with Fiore hosiery tights, stockings, hold-ups, slimming […]