You've just found out you're pregnant, congratulations! You've already started a life-changing journey that we're sure will bring you much happiness. Along with the excitement, the first few months of pregnancy will require a number of lifestyle changes to give your baby the healthiest start and to keep you healthy too. We've put together some useful information to help you along during those first three months.

About the first three months of pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy is a crucial time for unborn babies. It's likely you won't even have told many people about your pregnancy at this stage whilst you wait for initial scans and tests. During the first 12 weeks, the baby will grow quicker than at any other stage as it changes from a fertilised egg into the foetus. If you'd been trying to get pregnant, you may have already been taking folic acid. It's now important to keep taking it at this early stage to help your baby's spine develop and to prevent birth defects.

Looking after you and your baby

During these first three months, you'll be wanting to make a lot of lifestyle changes to ensure the healthiest pregnancy for you both. Aside from quitting smoking and drinking alcohol, you'll also want to limit your caffeine intake. You should aim for less than 200mg a day - the equivalent of two and a half cups of tea. Therefore, check the content in your tea, coffee and favourite chocolate bar to help you stay within your limits. You should also aim to eat healthier and cut out certain foods such as unpasteurised dairy, raw shellfish, raw meats and pates, liver, etc. Your doctor will be able to advise you on what you can and can't eat.

Be sure to partake in light exercise, as well such as walking and swimming, as these will help you keep fit throughout your pregnancy.

Keep warm and on-trend with our maternity hosiery

During these first 12 weeks of pregnancy, you'll likely be keeping it a secret from many people. But if you're starting to show, getting clever with your maternity hosiery could help. Navy or grey tights, for example, could help offer a distraction from your growing baby bump with people more focused on your coloured hosiery.

Our selection of maternity tights is designed to support you throughout your entire pregnancy. We stock 20 and 40 denier options available for lighter summer looks and 100 denier hosiery which is ideal for colder weather.

It's an exciting time ahead for you, and we can't wait to be there with you through every step of your pregnancy.