The warmer weather has finally arrived and your much-anticipated summer holiday is counting down. So, attention has turned to a wardrobe that makes us feel lighter, brighter and more comfortable.

What are the colours for summer 2017? Well the bolder the better it would seem, as fuchsia, yellow and tropical green are appearing in all high street stores. The trend is for “confident” colours and combinations. And that means having the confidence to make a statement.

Spring and summer clothes – vital accessory

What if you fall in love with an amazing summery dress or skirt and you hesitate about going bare legged? That leads to the dilemma of how to wear tights or stockings with strappy sandals or killer heels with peep toes.

Let’s be honest here. We have all found our eyes drawn to an ugly hosiery seam across someone’s toes when they have clearly put a lot of effort into looking hot in summer styles.

The answer is in toeless hosiery, this summer’s must-have accessory.

Getting your summer wardrobe right

Versatile and available in a fabulous range of colours, open toe tights, stockings and hold-ups can be mixed and matched to any outfit and situation.

For example, toeless hold-ups are great for really hot days, as they are cooler. But toeless tights give reliable cover and a great smoothing effect.

The place you are most likely to see them is at weddings. Guests on their feet for large parts of the day can combine stunning new clothes - and shoes to be proud of - with comfort and style.

Let legs do the talking

For some people, these essential additions to summer hosiery are a fashion statement. For example, use bold coloured open toe hold-ups or tights draw attention to those fabulous legs and toes.

Or maybe they offer you the chance to have tanned-looking, smooth legs, without the health concerns of sunbeds or over exposure.

Summer tights that feature room for well-pedicured tootsies to appear through peep toe shoes are a great way to cover blemishes, rashes or other skin conditions.

The comfort factor

There is another great reason for choosing toeless hold-ups and toeless tights too. They are really comfortable. This is especially true if you are squeezing into shoes and strappy sandals that you bought more for style than wearability!

Seams pressing on toes or bunching around your tootsies are a hazard of some fashion shoes. But with toeless summer hosiery, problem solved!

Options for summer hosiery

Even better news is that comfortable and versatile open toe tights and hold-ups are available in a range of deniers, including opaque. This summer, strong colours may be popular but black never goes out of fashion, making black opaque open toe tights a godsend.