TakaPara Socks

Step into TakaPara's vibrant world, where each step is an opportunity to express your unique style with our colourful socks.
TakaPara diverse collection caters to various tastes, affirming our commitment to individual preferences.

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of Black & White Socks, featuring chessboard patterns and mesmerising waves. Celebrate diversity with Pride Collection Socksa spectrum of rainbow wonders for the LGBTQ+ community and vivid hue enthusiasts. Take a nostalgic journey with Vintage Oldschool Style Socks, embracing old-school charm. Indulge in Geometric Shapes Galore Socks, matching every mood and outfit. For the artistic souls, Artistic Socks serve as wearable masterpieces. Delight the little ones with Children's Delight Socks, ensuring warmth and fashion. Embrace the festive spirit with Festive Cheer Socks, perfect for Christmas warmth and style.

Additionally, for those seeking a touch of whimsy, explore TakaPara's range of Mismatched Socks that defy conventional matching norms. Unleash your creativity by pairing contrasting patterns and colours, making each step a playful expression of individuality. Whether it's mixing stripes with polka dots or embracing asymmetry, TakaPara's Mismatched Socks add an extra layer of fun and spontaneity to your sock collection, inviting you to break free from traditional matching conventions and embrace the joy of eclectic style.

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  1. Funky Mismatched Turquoise Socks Flamingo
    Mismatched Turquosie Blue & White Socks, Pink Flamingo & Lifebuoys
  2. Fanky Mismatched Violet Socks - Los Muertos
    Funky Mismatched Black & Purple Socks, Los Muertos - Skeletons Playing Guitars, White Funky Skulls
  3. Funky Unisex Socks - Unicorn
    Funky Unisex Socks - Unicorn
  4. Funky Socks for Men Women Boys and Girls Mismatched Strawberries
    Funky Mismatched Red & Green Socks with Red Strawberries & Jam Jars
  5. Mismatched Red & Yellow Socks, Mexico - Sombreros, Green Cacti, Maracas
    Mismatched Red & Yellow Socks, Mexico - Sombreros, Green Cacti, Maracas
  6. TakaPara Funky Mismatched Christmas Socks in Navy - The Nutcracker
    Mismatched Xmas Socks, Nutcracker Men, Gingerbread Men, Red & White Santa's Candy Canes
  7. TakaPara Funky Mismatched Unisex Socks, Strokes and Frog
    Mismatched Colourful Blue Socks with Black & White Strokes & Green Frogs
  8. TakaPara Funky Colourful Mismatched Navy Socks - Fireflies Pattern
    Funky Navy Socks with Pattern of Neon Green Torsoed Fireflies
  9. Funky Colourful Socks Meriman & Mermaid
    Funky Colourful Socks Meriman & Mermaid
  10. TakaPara Mismatched Black and Yellow Socks - Barbecue
    Mismatched Black & Yellow Socks, Barbecued Sausage & Beer
  11. Funky Mismatched Design Yellow & Blue Socks - Nudists on the Beach
    Funky Mismatched Design Yellow & Blue Socks - Nudists on the Beach
  12. TakaPara Mismatched Funky Colourful Patterned Unisex Socks Toucans
    Funky Mismatched Colourful Socks in Pink - Toucans
  13. TakaPara Mismatched Yellow Socks - Rubber Chicken
    Funny Rubber Chicken Pattern Yellow Socks
  14. TakaPara Funky Fasion Black And White Socks
    Black & White Chessboard Pattern at the Back and Black & White Stripes in the Front Funky Socks
  15. TakaPara Funky Fassion Black & White Socks
    Funky Black and White Socks with a Unique Hexagon Pattern
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