Gatta Relax Medica 40 Denier Varicose Veins Tights

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Gatta Tights

Check your measurements against our size chart to ensure you are buying the right size.

Remember that we are all different shapes & sizes and sometimes we can sit in the middle of a size.
Trying a size above or below can help achieve the most comfortable fit for you.

Size Height Feet Hips Inches Height cm Hips cm
S 2 5.2-5.4 39-44 158-164 100-112
M 3 5.4-5.6 41-45 164-170 104-116
L 4 5.6-5.8 42-47 170-176 108-120
XL 5 5.6-5.8 42-50 170-176 108-128

Remember that the product has to stretch to your height and width when considering between sizes.

*Please note measurements are approximate.

  • Composition: 87% polyamide, 13% elastane for comfort
  • 40 Denier: Balances opacity and breathability
  • Prevents Swelling: Averts leg swelling for comfort
  • Anti-Varicose: Gentle pressure reduces varicose vein risk
  • Corrective Panty: Shapes and slims the figure
  • Circulation Support: Enhances healthy blood flow
  • Eases Tiredness: Perfect for combating fatigue
  • Versatile Wear: Suitable for daily life and travel
  • Stylish Functionality: Merges comfort and elegance
  • Leg Wellness: Crafted with leg health in mind

Introducing the Gatta Relax Medica 40 Den compression tights from the revolutionary Xtra Line series, designed to redefine comfort and style for those leading a sedentary lifestyle or spending extended periods on their feet. Crafted for individuals contending with swollen, painful legs prone to varicose veins, these innovative functional tights offer the perfect solution.

Utilizing the groundbreaking SATIN SHEERS by LYCRA® technology, these tights ensure a natural appearance and an impeccable fit. The gradual compression technique incorporated in their production not only supports circulation but also reduces swelling, alleviating the discomfort of tired legs.

The Relax Medica model further demonstrates a proven anti-varicose effect, addressing concerns associated with circulatory issues.

Beyond their health benefits, the Gatta Relax Medica tights boast modern design features that contribute to a slimmer and more relaxed leg appearance. The compression panty part not only sculpts the legs but also shapes the belly, buttocks, and thighs, providing an immediate transformation upon wearing. This combination of functionality and aesthetics ensures that these tights remain discreet under clothing, offering confidence and poise.

Available in a thickness of 40 Den and a diverse array of colours, these tights do not compromise on style. The absence of a marked heel part and the inclusion of a cotton gusset in various sizes ensure both comfort and versatility, making the Gatta Relax Medica 40 Den tights a unique and indispensable addition to your wardrobe.

More Information
Denier 40 Denier
Material 87% Polyamide, 13% Elastane
Gusset Small cotton gusset for sizes S to L and large gusset for size XL
Number in Pack 1 Pair Pack
Garmet Care Hand-wash Only
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